Daracha AS is a company started by, runned by, and owned by, whisky lovers. We import to Norway; good quality single cask bottlings and good quality whiskies from distilleries not represented in Norway. We also import and sell rum, gin, cognac, vodka and tequila, mostly single cask bottlings. Daracha is also known as “Maltwhiskyspesialisten”

The reason the company was started up, were our experience importing the bottles from a cask bought by the NMWL, The Norwegian Malt Whisky Society. We found that it was a bit too complicated doing this as private customers, and would have been a lot easier if we had a company registered for import of alcohol. We also wanted more whiskies available in Norway. We then concluded that we wanted to import more casks, and the best option was to start a company doing that. All the founders have been members of NMWL for years, and we still are.

We started up in 2005. After 5 years importing smaller volumes, we figured out that we had ended up having an expensive hobby. We then decided to expand our business. We started to respond to tenders from the state monopoly running the shops selling alcohol in Norway, and also started up marketing our product towards bars. After a short period the volumes we sold increased, and we have changed from owning a company for our hobby, to running a company, which also is our hobby.

During the last couple of years we have expanded our range to also include handcrafted gin, good quality, and mostly single cask or small batch, rum, as well as single cask tequila. The last add-on was Scottish water (for the whiskies of course), and even later, handcrafted vodka and excellent single cask vintage cognacs.

If your company want to be represented in Norway, please contact us at for a discussion.

You’ll find 2 short movies about the Vinmonopolet here: The purchasing process and The product ranges